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For the free afternoon or time between the trainings, we recommend you to visit Rovinj, Pula and Aquapark Istralandia or to enjoy the boat trip


Rovinj is a beautiful small town located on the west coast of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, definitely worth a visit. The local population lives mostly from tourism, followed by fishing, agriculture, growing vines and wine. Feel the charme of the narrow streets of the old town, visit some natural and cultural sights, small galleries and shops or try some of the specialties of the regional Istrian cuisine.


There are numerous boats in Rovinj offering half-day excursions along Rovinj aquatorium. You can take a drive along the Rovinj coast and park near the Red Island for a swim or visit the northern coast and go towards Lim fjord and Vrsar, you can go on a classic circular ride, pirate cruise and fish-picnic as well. To fully experience Istria you should sail out to see the most beautiful parts from the open sea and to feel the primordial connection between the people and the sea.


The city of Pula is more than 3000 years old and is located some 35 km south of Rovinj. True urban history begins with the Romans and the name of the city was Colonia Pietas Iulia. Istria’s historic main city of Pula is symbolised by its Roman sixth-largest amphitheatre , 2,000-year-old Arena, with its near intact walled ring, constructed between 27 BC – 68 AD. Apart from the Arena you can visit Triumphal Arch of the Sergi – The Golden Gate, Twin Gates and City Walls, Small Roman Theater, a hilltop Venetian fortress - Pula's Castle, or Temple of Augustus on the original Roman Forum which remains even today the major meeting point with cafés offering outdoor tables. ■ For more info visit:


Istralandia is aquapark located near the road that leads from Novigrad to Nova Vas about 50 km north from Rovinj. Opened for visitors in June 2014, it was the first Croatian water park who also won a special award for the entrepreneurial project of the year in the category of new parks in Europe. In aquapark you can enjoy in numerous attractions for children and adults as well, like the tallest water slide called "the free fall" or the biggest swimming pool with waves in the region. For more info visit: ■ Direction: 45.346730°N 13.617147°E ■ Istralandia Virtual tour